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kill -9

El video lo dice todo. The video says it all. ::: {align="center"} Read ❭

QAntenna being recommended

Pablo Odorico pointed me to some links of universities subjects recommending QAntenna :-D It is very good to see that someone uses our humble software :-) It's a pity that my studies do not allow me to code much :-( There are lot of things I would like to improve and/or …

Last post from DebConf 8

This will be (I guess) my last post from DebConf 8. It has been a [great]{style="font-weight: bold;"} time here. I really hope I can make it to DC9. And do not forget: ::: {style="text-align: center; font-weight: bold;"} [¡¡¡Happy 15th Birthday Debian!!! ]{style="font-size:180%;"} :::

I want a N810 too!!!

Nokia has been giving free N810 to developers at aKademy. I have seen two or three here in DebConf8, and they are [simple great]{style="font-weight: bold;"}. Imagine having Debian with KDE running in those little precious things... do not. They do :-D Sadly, they will cost a fortune here …