Lexmark X1150 multifunction printer in Debian 64 bits

Today I had to set up a multifunction printer, namely the Lexmark x1150. I had already installed it under a 32 bits Debian install, following this howto, but it won't work with a 64 bits one. The problem was with rastertoz600, which showed:

[./rastertoz600: error while loading shared libraries libcupsimage.so.2]{style="font-family:courier new;"}

I did a hack to fix this. I downloaded the licupsimage's 32 bits deb package, uncompressed it ([ar x package.deb]{style="font-family:courier new;"}) and copied the libcupsimage.so.2 to [/usr/lib32/]{style="font-family:courier new;"} . Run ldconfig and that's all, the printer is working :-D

So, if you have a printer like this, follow the howto linked above and this hack should work.


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