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Joining the cause :-)

Kyle Cunningham asked for some help by putting the link below in our blogs, so here's my little grain of sand :-) Abalastow Compendium

Some thoughts about distro's releases and Debian

Today I was reading planet KDE and found a blog post from Jason 'vanRijn on how he went trough different distros, starting in OpenSuse and finishing in OpenSuse [0]. The difference: he started in 10.3 and finished in 11. At this point I asked myself since when I do …

Martin's names meme

I guess almost everyone said it, but in case you don't know the beginning of this meme, check here. The names of my machines are: [dumbledore, hermione, luna.]{style="font-family: courier new;"} And pepesanchez, but that one isn't really mine, but an ISP's one in which I worked, and they …

kill -9

El video lo dice todo. The video says it all. ::: {align="center"} Read ❭