Debian's shame

Got your attention? Good. First of all, the disclaimers: I am not a Debian Developer (DD), just a simple contributor. I may not be accurate in the following, and maybe I will create a flame out of this. Sometimes the land needs to be put on fire to produce better later. You have been warned.

I am not going to talk about a software flaw in Debian. Debian handles this questions very clearly and openly. No. What I want to rant about today is the NEW queue. Everyone who gets involved in Debian nows about this queue and why is it needed. New programs (and packages that were in the repos but change to provide new binaries) have to go to this queue first, so as to be checked that they can really be in Debian's repo. So far, so good.

So, what's the problem with the queue? The time it takes a package to go trough it. We all now that a QA check needs to be done and this takes time, but ¿almost two months just for that? In my [¿NS?]HPOV, that's a shame.

I'm ranting about this, but do I propose a better scheme? No, because there have been other propositions from people who have things much more clearer: DDs.

Guys, I really understand there is a lot of effort in the project, but this queue needs a change. Comments are most welcomed :-)


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