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On creating Debian packages with CMake

A co-worker of mine insists on creating Debian packages trough cmake instead of doing them as usual. But I think (as many other people I asked trough IRC) that this is a bad idea, specially considering copyright and control files. What's you opinion on this topic?

I love xkcd

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Samsung LTE430WQ-F0C LCD config for u-boot and Linux

I have been trying to config a Samsung LTE430WQ-F0C LCD display in a PXA270 (PXA27x). So far, this is what I have achieved: [LCCR0 0x003008f8]{style="font-family:courier new;"} [LCCR1 0x0307A1DF]{style="font-family:courier new;"} [LCCR2 0x0204250F]{style="font-family:courier new;"} [LCCR3 0x04700005]{style="font-family:courier new;"} [LCCR4 0x00000000]{style …

La raíz de 3 / Root 3

Original english version below. Éste es un poema que parece haber sido escrito por David B. Feinberg. Es sencillamente genial. [Raíz de 3 (burda traducción de mi parte)]{style="font-weight: bold;font-size:130%;"} Estoy seguro que siempre seré Un número solitario como la raíz de tres El tres es todo …