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The license mess with serial port Qt-based libs

I am currently working on a Qt-based app that needs to communicate through the serial port. Apart from all the benefits that a normal lib with a serial port implementation will bring in this case, having a Qt-based serial port lib would make even more sense, as it should …

OpenVox G400P in Debian

Éste post está también disponible en español. This post is also available in spanish. I bought an OpenVox G400P GSM telephony card to set up a VoIP server running Debian. I clearly didn't do my research homework before starting, and it turned out that it was not easy to set …

On creating Debian packages with CMake

A co-worker of mine insists on creating Debian packages trough cmake instead of doing them as usual. But I think (as many other people I asked trough IRC) that this is a bad idea, specially considering copyright and control files. What's you opinion on this topic?

I love xkcd

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