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Qt 5.2.0 in testing

Today we have Qt 5.2.0 in testing, a.k.a. Jessie. On the other hand we are slowly pushing 5.2.1 to experimental. Enjoy! P.S.: yes, this is turning more into tweets rather than blog posts :-)

Qt 5.2.0 in unstable

We the Qt/KDE team have the pleasure to announce that we currently have Qt 5.2.0 in unstable. It brings Qt 5 to all official archs in Debian, minus some stuff that needs porting like Qt Webkit. We hope to get this version in testing soon :-)

Qt 5.2.0 in Debian experimental, now available for more archs

Qt 5.2.0 is already available in experimental until we get a transition slot, but don't be afraid to test it. With this release we had major improvements. With 5.1.1 currently in sid we have the following buildd chart: Qt 5.1.1 in Debian Sid Now …

Qt in Debian: using Qt4 and/or Qt5 in your packages

Hi everyone! We now have both Qt4 and Qt5 in the archive. Those using Qt4 should not need to make any changes in their packages, although you can be extra-safe with a few steps. Don't rush, just read below. Note 2014-12-12: the current official doc is available here. Some background …