Samsung LTE430WQ-F0C LCD config for u-boot and Linux

I have been trying to config a Samsung LTE430WQ-F0C LCD display in a PXA270 (PXA27x). So far, this is what I have achieved:

LCCR0 0x003008f8
LCCR1 0x0307A1DF
LCCR2 0x0204250F
LCCR3 0x04700005
LCCR4 0x00000000
LCCR5 0x3f3f3f3f

I am not completely sure that this is 100% OK (cat /dev/urandom > /dev/fb0 produces at least one line of pixel repetitions). I could neither run X on it. Today I am going to try with Qt embedded. If it is right, I hope it will help someone else; else, I hope you leave a comment saying so, and better if you have a fix :-)

Note 20090730 12:32 ARST: I modified the values. Now filling the framebuffer with random data covers the display correctly.

Note 20090730 13:21 ARST: I also reduced the frequency divider, now seems to work great :-)


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