Mini DebConf 2023 in Montevideo, Uruguay

15 years, "la niña bonita", if you ask many of my fellow argentinians, is the amount of time I haven't been present in any Debian-related face to face activity. It was already time to fix that. Thanks to Santiago Ruano Rincón and Gunnar Wolf that proded me to come I finally attended the Mini DebConf Uruguay in Montevideo.

Me in Montevideo, Uruguay

I took the opportunity to do my first trip by ferry, which is currently one of the best options to get from Buenos Aires to Montevideo, in my case through Colonia. Living ~700km at the south west of Buenos Aires city the trip was long, it included a 10 hours bus, a ferry and yet another bus... but of course, it was worth it.

In Buenos Aires' port I met Emmanuel eamanu Arias, a fellow Argentinian Debian Developer from La Rioja, so I had the pleasure to travel with him.

To be honest Gunnar already did a wonderful blog post with many pictures, I should have taken more.

I had the opportunity to talk about device trees, and even look at Gunnar's machine one in order to find why a Display Port port was not working on a kernel but did in another. At the same time I also had time to start packaging qt6-grpc. Sadly I was there just one entire day, as I arrived on Thursday afternoon and had to leave on Saturday after lunch, but we did have a lot of quality Debian time.

I'll repeat here what Gunnar already wrote:

We had a long, important conversation about an important discussion that we are about to present on

Stay tuned on that, I think this is something we should all get involved.

All in all I already miss hacking with people on the same room. Meetings for us mean a lot of distance to be traveled (well, I live far away of almost everything), but I really should try to this more often. Certainly more than just once every 15 years :-)


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