sd-mux-ctrl in Debian

Part of what I love to do is to play with embedded devices running Linux. And many times I need to juggle with an SD card in order to copy a filesystem to a board... until I found SDWire.

SDWire v1.4, top view SDWire v1.4, bottom view

This little gadget is an SD muxer: it allows you to use it as a "normal" card reader or switch the SD card to the SD card slot. So next time I need to copy contents to a SD card and then push it to a board I can just do it from the command line.

Now the software to control this device was not in Debian, so I fixed that.

I am keeping the code and the packaging on GitLab, as "The Tizen project is not anymore really active".

At the time of writing the package was just accepted, so it might take a couple of hours to be available on the archive.



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