Qt 6 in Debian bullseye

As announced some time ago on Debian Backport’s mailing list I will be backporting Qt 6 to Debian 11 “Bullseye”. This comprises the (so far) 29 source packages that compose Qt 6 and libassimp.

The Qt Company wanted to let us Debian users also enjoy Qt 6 on Bullseye, so they contacted me (and by extension my employer ICS) to bring this forward. As said in the mail I sent to the backports list I’m making the commitment to maintain the packages myself, but I’m really happy the Qt Company asked me for this.

You can download Qt 6 for Debian Bullseye’s backports by following the instructions.

Also a big kudos to IOhannes m zmölnig, the assimp maintainer, who promptly helped me to get it backported.



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