I guess I did not explain myself correctly

Today I was in Paul Wise's BOF "Bits from NMs and users"](https://penta.debconf.org/penta/schedule/dc8/event/270.en.html). As the talk was about what users like and do not like about Debian, I asked why do we don't have a simple way of doing a KDE install only. [My fault. I should have asked it in a different way.

My real question]{style="font-weight: bold;"} is this: why do we not have an option in the Debian installer to install only]{style="font-weight: bold;"} KDE [or only Gnome [or only XFCE (to name three desktop environments that have a metapackage to install them).

Gunnar Wolf said that we have three first instalation CDs, one for each desktop. Good. But not enough. Nowadays it's becoming more normal to do a instalation from the Debian's net install CD (a great advantage of Debian). Why not to let the user choose there?

Bdale Garbee
said that to change that, the most convenient thing would be to propose it (and why not, send a patch) to de Debian Installer stuff (if I understood properly). That's a great answer I must say. I do fully agree with him, maybe I should give it a try myself.

The current DPL, Steve McIntyre, said that "we (as Debian) must do a choice, in order to let the user with less questions". A good answer, but I truly don't agree.

Desktop flamewar?

The problem with these kind of questions is that is prone to generate flamewars. Shame on me]{style="font-weight: bold;"}, I guess I almost got one with my question :-( . That was [truly not my idea. The idea was to say "hey, we got something we can improve here". Anyway, I think I will be already tagged as a flamer :-(


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