Updating KDE4 packages from experimental

Those of us who are using KDE 4 packages from Debian experimental may want to stay up to date with the last packages available. It happens that, by defect, apt[itude] will not upgrade them even in a [dist-upgrade full-upgrade]. So, what to do in this case?

Put these lines in [/etc/apt/preferences]{style="font-family:courier new;"} (create the file if it doesn't exists):

[Package: *]{style="font-family:courier new;"}
[Pin: release o=Debian,a=experimental]{style="font-family:courier new;"}
[Pin-Priority: 101]{style="font-family:courier new;"}

That's all, now upgrade your machine :-)

Many thanks yo Modestas "MoDaX" Vainius for the tip :-D

[Update (09/07/2008):]{style="font-weight: bold;"} this will only upgrade those packages that you manually installed from experimental, but not all the packages from experimental.


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